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Caderno de Danças do Alentejo – vol. 1

Associação PédeXumbo (Atualizado em: 12 Julho, 2018 )

This book is the first in a series to be published on social dances of Southern Portugal. Its contents result from six months of field research included in a project meant to collect information on how people used to dance in the region of Alentejo (Project Arquivo das danças do Alentejo). This first volume focus on two repertoires: dances to songs with no instrumental support from South Alentejo (Castro Verde), and called waltzes from Western Alentejo (Melides).

Author: Lia Marchi With Domingos Morais and Celina da Piedade

Editor: Associação Pédexumbo and Olaria Cultural

Language: Portuguese

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